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Caddo Parish Courthouse-1913- Shreveport, La-shown from the northeast corner, Texas St. at Marshall St. The oak trees are just starting to gain some heighth. Old doctor's buggy is shown to the right. A  small water fountain is also visible. This Acmegraph Co. postcard is a rarity among collectors. Note the residential homes in the background. This courthouse was demolished in 1926 and the present structure dedicated in 1928. (Ernie Roberson collection)


Shreveport CITY MARKET located on Commerce Street, riverfront area, 1908. The building shown was at Milam and Commerce Streets. Farmer's markets were held here and fresh produce was common. It was quite a hub for many early Shreveporters as the town grew "from" the river area to the west. One oldtime Shreveport resident told of the area past the courthouse being  a dirt street with homes and backyard gardens. Rotograph postcard ( Ernie Roberson collection)


Shreveport Athletic Club-located at the southwest corner of Crockett and Edwards Streets where A&A Bonding is located today across from the Sportran Bus Station. Note the young men seated on the second floor balcony and the open windows behind them. Shreveport's muggy, humid weather has always been the same. Since air-conditioning was not prevalent at this time, fans and open windows were commonplace. This postcard was published by the famed Saenger Brothers who were known for their drugstore and movie house ventures. (Ernie Roberson collection)


Truly a reminder of bygone days! The SAENGER BROTHERS Drug Store with its soda fountain was loacted at the northeast corner of Milam Street and Louisiana Avenue across from the old City Hall. It was just a block west of the courthouse and the Majestic Theatre. The Saenger Bros were responsible for The Strand Theatre which was a showplace for its day and a grand structure to this day. If you're lucky you might find a token from one of their early enterprises. Postmarked 1913, the postcard states that the drug store was open all night and the fountain area seated 100 persons. (Ernie Roberson collection)


Noted Shreveport historian Eric Brock has provided the following information on The Caddo Club. It was located on the SE corner of Milam and Marshall. It was torn down along with the Ricou House, a livery stable and the REO Motor Car Co. to build the Ricou- Brewster Building. As noted elsewhere the site is now a parking lot. "Eric Brock's Shreveport" is an essential work for any collection as well as his latest work on Shreveport's Red Light district .(Ernie Roberson collection) 


Caddo Parish Courthouse west aide entrance, CSA - Confederate States Army reunion- since it is the "old" courthouse it is pre 1926. The older CSA veterans are posed with their reunion ribbons on their lapels. The younger men in the two front rows , I assume are US Army members? Many of Shreveport's movers and shakers of the post Civil War era were CSA veterans and held strong convictions about the federal government. The city's unusual isolated location, the discovery of gas and oil plus its riverboat and farming trade made Shreveport a very independent and conservative bastion. Now, you know the rest of the story. (Ernie Roberson collection)